Jens' Restaurant

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"Food, service superp at unassuming Jens'."
Anchorage Daily News

"Jens Hansen, of the restaurant that bears his name, is a wild Dane who is at once enchanting, zany, and incredibly knowledgeable about food. No one else in the city has such a way with Black Cod, salmon or Halibut." 4 stars (the very best in the region).
Alaska Best Places

"This dining spot may be in a midtown strip mall but it is tastefully decorated, featuring Alaskan art, and serves fine food." Fodors special recommendation.

"Jens' is the best-kept secret in Anchorage. The food is a combination of European and Scandinavian and the wine bar is the best in Anchorage."
Alaska Travel Smart

"Don't let it's strip mall location turn you away. The innovative dishes, the conviviality of host Jens Hansen, and excellent wine list make this the place for those in the know."
Compass American Guides

"Chef Jens Hansen is truly gifted. His restaurant is for the kind of diner who loves exciting food, surprises, beautiful plates of new tastes and textures, and meals that are about the food, sharing bites, saying Wow“. Rated Exceptional.
Frommer's Alaska

"Five forks (divine)."
Anchorage Press

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