Jens' Restaurant

Our Chefs

Nancy Alip
Executive Chef - Owner
Nancy Alip Executive Chef andPartner. Born in Alaska, Nancy received her culinary training a Western Culinary Institute in Portland OR. She served her internship and worked at The Captain Cook Hotel before coming to Jensí in 2002. Nancy worked with Jens for ten years before he passed away. She combines Jensí classic style with her own innovative ideas to keep the menu interesting and ever changing. Nancy is a partner in the restaurant.

JC Warden. JC Warden

JC is from Philadelphia. He attended The Culinary Art Institute of Philadelphia. JC worked in Pennsylvania and Kentucky before moving to Alaska.
He cooks dinner with Nancy.

JC Warden. Alyse Staley

Alyse was born and grew up in Soldotna, Alaska. She received her culinary training at AVTEC in Seward and worked at Campo Bello before coming to Jensí in March 2011.
Alyse cooks lunch.

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